We are a young group of friends who grew up in Switzerland and now live in the regions of Lucerne and Zurich. Professionally we are active in the architecture and marketing sector.

Together we came up with the idea to create a platform to present photographs and places from all over Switzerland and to make them accessible.

With our website and blog we are still in the start-up process and are looking forward to comments, tips and feedback

Fabian Hofstetter


Already as a young boy I have learned through many hikes with my family to appreciate the beauty of our nature together. We spent a lot of time in the Alps of Switzerland, Austria and Italy.
When I had the opportunity to live in Scotland for a full year, I was excited about the diversity of nature and began to capture these landscapes with my camera.
My enthusiasm for the mountains and my dream of flying inspired me to start my training as a licensed paraglider pilot. For me it is always a pleasure to fly over mountains and valleys and to discover and use the endless possibilities of our nature.

Melanie Rüttimann


Since I had the opportunity to live in Norway for half a year during my studies as a primary school teacher, I got impressed by the nature of our world. Other journeys led me to South Asia or Central America where I tried to capture this beauty with my camera. Even though I got caught in other countries nature and culture I always appreciated getting home.

Switzerland’s nature is so unique and diverse. I never get tired of hiking and discovering new places or strolling through the historic streets of Lucerne where I live.

Marco Tschudin


My enthusiasm for nature and the environment in Switzerland was already noticeable as a boy scout. I have never lost my closeness to nature by hiking with my families in the mountains in summer and winter.

Later in my architecture studies I was confronted again with a differentiated view of our environment and discovered my passion for photography. Due to my profession I never lost the fascination for landscape photography and the idea of sustainability and share it with others.

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